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It’s a bird, it’s a plane … nope, it’s Renee in a plane!

While it is only Tuesday, I feel as if this week is already passing me by quicker than I would like. The Vidette has been keeping me busy, but I guess I would rather have a lot to do than be twiddling my thumbs or getting into trouble. I’m really excited at the prospect of potentially taking to the skies by the end of this week!

My fellow features editor Erin and I have been contacted by a flight school that is housed in various locations across the country, including Bloomington, Illinois. If it works out, this Thursday or Friday we will have the chance to hop in an airplane and see area from higher altitudes. I am really excited about this possibility, especially since my oldest brother is a pilot who makes a living taking people from Point A to Point B.

While I anxiously wait to hear if this possibility can become a reality this week, I also continue to pour over many different job search and internship posting websites, hoping to find the perfect fit for myself. I always find it ironic when a position expects one to have two to three years of experience in the professional world, yet how am I supposed to get those two to three years of experience if most places want that? As I have gotten frustrated with this point, I have continued to pour over internship sites, searching for longer term (6 month) and paid programs that could give me more of the experience most jobs want from me.

My goal this evening is to limit my TV time and finally give myself the chance to become addicted to “The Hunger Games,” especially after the huge opening weekend the film just gained. Everyone has warned me “once you get to the games, you won’t be able to put the book down,” which has worried me a bit, because I have been known to stay up until 4 a.m. to finish a book once I get addicted.

In terms of College Savvy, I am continuing to seek a way to improve upon my content and hopefully find people interested and willing to let me interview them. At this point, my main feature is still up in the air, which worries and stresses me, but hey, last year I got lucky with my feature at the last minute and hopefully the same can be said for this edition. The sections I will be hosting are at this moment: fashion, beauty, health, finance, entertainment and the main feature, hopefully interviewing an inspiring woman who can motivate college women and recent graduates to do what they love and the rest will follow.

In other exciting news, I get to interview Dan Savage via phone interview tomorrow to talk about his new show, “Savage U,” which will air on MTV for the first time Tuesday, April 3, 10 p.m. central time. The show is of Savage and his sidekick Lauren as they travel across the country to several different Universities in order to talk about taboo topics, such as sex, dating, and relationships. Hopefully I get a chance to ask a few great questions and can write something that will excite ISU students to watch the show.

I’ll post more as the week continues and am considering putting up some of my favorite recipes I make while at school as I work on becoming a budding chef ;)

Stay savvy ladies,