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Stop and smell the roses!

Hello all!

As the semester is coming to a close, I find myself running in circles, attempting to find time to check everything off my list. As one of the features editors at the Vidette, my time is often spent in the office and my writing is now usually limited to my columns each week, with an occasional review. Without delving into detail, we have lost several of our features reporters within the past week and a half and needless to say, I thought it was time I got back into writing articles to pick up the noticeable slack.

This morning, I rolled out of bed fairly early (9 a.m. !!) and plugged the address to the David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL in my GPS system. About ten minutes later, I came upon the entrance to the estate, and in my situation, the garden that I came to learn more about. After parking my car, I walked the path to Sarah’s Garden and met with two master gardener’s who I spent the next hour with learning about the history of the Davis family, the garden that David Davis’ wife Sarah tended too, and what the master gardeners do to keep the garden alive and thriving. 

Sarah's Garden

It’s crazy to me to think that some of the plants have been in the same spot since the gardens creation 140 years ago. It’s so cool to know that history was on this spot, and even honest Abe was on the lot at some point, although I don’t think he ever toured the garden. 

This experience reminded me what I have missed since being a features editor. While I love the experience of editing and designing the page, as well as being part of a close knit team of sub editors and our editor in chief, part of me misses the fun and interesting things that come along with being a reporter. For me, learning someone’s story is a very special thing, and getting to share that with the campus, whether they care or not, is really a honor. 

As all of my projects pile up and my work continues to cause stress, as well as the sad reality that in three weeks I move home to Champaign, IL and still have no job prospects, I am excited to know that my passion for writing and learning about different things has not faded away. Sometimes, I think I should cast my hopes of journalism aside, but days like today, or like my trip flying an airplane or even meeting the president of the university, all remind me why I love what I do. I am a good writer and I think that any place would be lucky to have me, and while my first job may pay me a salary below the poverty line, I know I can do great things and prove what I am made of. 

While I walked through Sarah Davis’ garden this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder what things were like for her when she walked those same paths. I learned that she was ahead of her time, an educated woman and interested in the world around her. I am excited for the next chapter in my life and hope that the path I create is one that I can look back on and be proud.

Those of you out there in college, enjoy it and honestly, go out and experience things on campus and off! Without my opportunity working for the Vidette, there are so many things I would have never done or known about and I think each thing I did just helped shape me into the well rounded individual I am, who will be walking the stage in 18 days (YIKES!) with only a few regrets!

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Stay tuned to my page, as I will be posting images of my magazine in it’s final stages as well as my articles that will be on them!

Stay savvy,